Think Of It As More Than ‘Just Another Sales Tool’

This is the first in a series of blog posts on best practices for using a visualizer to sell home remodeling projects. Many of the insights in this series are from a free webinar hosted by Renoworks Pro with guest Paul Trautmann. (For a free replay of the webinar, click here).

Many home remodeling companies who incorporate a visualizer into their processes see fantastic results. It is not unusual for these contractors to see double digit percentage increases in sales, close rates, average sale price, and referrals.

Other remodeling companies add a visualizer but don’t get as much out of it. What makes the difference… why do some see amazing spikes, while others don’t get those same results?

It all comes down to how the visualizer is used. Companies that learn “best practices” and integrate it fully into their processes are the ones that reap huge benefits.

The good news is these best practices are not magic; they can be implemented by ANY home remodeling company – exterior or interior – that wants remarkable results.

There is one best practice that stands out as the most essential: incorporating the visualizer as an essential part of your business’s identity. (Later posts in this series will address other best practices).

To understand how a home visualizer can fundamentally alter how prospects perceive your company’s identity, it helps to take a step back and think about your experience with homeowners.

Do they ever say to you “there are a lot of companies out there that do what you do. Why should we select you?”

Chances are you’ve heard some form of that question many times from prospects. And you can bet that many don’t ask it directly, but have it on their mind.

Paul Trautmann

Paul Trautmann

Paul Trautmann, owner of Timberland Exteriors in Minnesota, has an answer.

Trautmann has been using a visualizer for years and has seen these increases in all his key metrics, including:

  • Sales: +30%
  • Close rates: +10%
  • Average Sale Price: +30% to +50% depending on project (and sometimes higher).

Trautmann’s answer to homeowners who want to know why he is different is always the same: his company knows that it is an honor to work on a customer’s home and he and his team actually listen to what people want. That’s the identity of Timberland Exteriors.

But Trautmann says it is not enough just to say it; it needs to be demonstrated. He has found a visualizer to be absolutely indispensable for proving to homeowners that he really does listen to them and that his company will empower them to make the right decision for their home.

To understand exactly how this works, here is a real-life example that Trautmann gave in a recent webinar hosted by Renoworks Pro.

EXAMPLE: ‘The Lady Who Thought She Wanted A White House’

Trautmann shared the story of a woman who was met with Timberland Exteriors to discuss the new siding she wanted for her home. She had always dreamed of having a beautiful white house. She was absolutely certain that white was the right choice for her.

Trautmann uploaded a photo of her home and got to work on a design. He, of course, used white siding in the design as the homeowner requested. Once it was finished and he showed it to her, she instantly knew: she did NOT want white siding on her house!

Trautmann went back to work and was able to show her some beautiful blue siding that she ended up loving. This customer was also very ‘hands-on’ in digging into the other details of what she wanted for this exterior project.

This allowed Trautmann to fully use the visualizer’s capabilities, showing her different trim options and demonstrating how to make the area around her garage door look terrific. Although his company doesn’t do electrical work, he even showed her a lighting option for the home’s exterior. It was a complete and beautiful design!

This project, which could have ended with a white house and a very disappointed customer, instead ended with a thrilled customer… the kind willing to pay more and refer more!

Lessons From This?

What can home remodeling contractors who use a visualizer take away from this story?

  1. A visualizer should be more than just an ‘add-on’ tool. You should incorporate it as a fundamental part of how you communicate with homeowners and as an essential point of differentiation between you and your competition.
  2. When you learn to use a visualizer with proficiency, you change the dynamic of your interaction with homeowners. Instead of being “a guy trying to sell me something,” you become the trusted advisor who listens and presents meaningful choices to your customers.

(The next blog post in this series of ‘Best Practices with a Home Visualizer’ will focus on how to get proficient with a visualizer).

  1. Companies that provide visualization and design expertise are seen as a premium company. You end up with customers who are ambassadors for your home remodeling company.

The best way to see how you can make a visualizer a fundamental part of your processes and identity is to schedule a free demo.

You can also see the entire webinar with Paul Trautmnn by clicking here.

If you are interested discovering more about how you can use a visualizer to increase sales, go here to request a free demo.