An exterior paint visualizer is a very practical way for painting companies to close more jobs, and at higher profit margins.

You may know it by other names, including exterior paint color visualizer or home visualization software. But the important thing is what it does, not what it’s called: a painting company can show prospects how their home will look after the painting project is done.

Here’s how an exterior paint visualizer works: you take a picture of your prospect’s home using your phone, a digital camera, or a tablet. (Or your prospect can send you a picture digitally). You can then upload the photo into the visualizer. Next, you’ll be able to add different exterior colors to show the homeowner how their house will look with different colors.

Why An Exterior Paint Color Visualizer Is Such An Effective Tool For Increasing Sales, Referrals, And Positive Reviews

Let’s face it. Most exterior painting companies struggle and then end up failing within only a few years. But a few companies thrive, closing plenty of sales and at higher profit margins. What’s the difference?

It comes down to sending the right signals to homeowners: you want to appear professional and systematic from first contact all the way until the end of the project.

There are opportunities galore to convey professionalism to homeowners. Is your proposal handwritten and done on a scratchpad, or is it done digitally on a tablet using a clear format?

Is the person selling the job in old clothes writing down measurements on whatever paper he found in his truck? Or is he wearing a company polo and holding a clipboard? Every detail matters.

Adding an exterior paint visualizer to your sales process can take the impression of professionalism to a higher level. Homeowners want to be able to see THEIR home with different paint colors. Any exterior painting company using home visualization software instantly sets themselves apart from the majority of their competition. It sends the message “you’re going to have a great experience with our company.”

And not only do professionally run companies get more jobs, they also have customers who are willing to pay more for the better-quality experience.

Referrals & Reputation Add Up With This Tool

Have you ever thought in detail about why customers refer a company and leave positive online reviews?

Most referrals and positive reviews come from delivering something beyond the standard experience and results. For example, if you paint a customer’s home and they aren’t thrilled with the color, they might not blame you since they selected it. But they also aren’t likely to sing your praises, either. That might not be fair, but it is how things tend to go.

What if instead you had used an exterior paint visualizer? You would have sat with them before the job and showed them the paint color on their home. With this method, they can see they don’t like it before anyone picks up a paint brush. Suddenly, you’ve put yourself in the enviable position as the expert consultant. You use technology to show them several other color options until they find the one the color they DO love.

When that job is finished, they’ve had the kind of ‘WOW’ experience that they want to tell people about. That’s how you get more referrals and enthusiastic reviews.

How You Can Get More Information On Exterior Paint Visualizers

Integrating an exterior paint visualizer in your processes is easier than you might think and does not require any special technical skills. You are welcome to learn more by scheduling a free demo.

If You Want A Tool That Can Help Grow Your Painting Sales And Referrals, Schedule Your Free Demo Of An Exterior Paint Visualizer.