Many Of Your Prospects Are Thinking Visually…
What Are You Doing To Help Them?

Home remodeling contractors who help their prospects “think visually” are more likely to connect with homeowners and earn more business from visual thinkers.

But what exactly is visual thinking? To best understand the concept, it’s helpful to contrast it with verbal thinking.

Verbal thinkers create explanations using words. Ask them to help you understand something, and they’ll use words to describe properties and create logical connections.

But if you ask visual thinkers for an explanation, they’ll often reach for a pen and start drawing a sketch showing you what they mean. They love tools like bar graphs, flow charts, and infographics.

Why does “verbal vs. visual” matter for home remodeling sales?

Research shows that we’re all on a continuum between visual and verbal. No one is all one or the other. This means a sales presentation that has a healthy combination of both elements has the best chance for success.

A presentation that is too heavy on describing features and talking won’t be as effective as one that contains strong, relevant visuals.

There’s also good evidence that visual thinking is especially important for making decisions on home remodeling projects.

We recently commissioned an independent research company to find out what motivates homeowners to invest in a home remodeling project.

One of the more interesting findings was related to home exterior projects. (There were also compelling findings for interior projects. To find out more, you can click here to read this companion article).

Homeowners were given a list of exterior products and asked which products they would have difficulty selecting a type, style, or color of.

More than one-third answered they would struggle with selecting the right siding, windows, roofing, entry doors, and trim/accessories for color, style, or type. The number varied depending on the product category, but it was always at least 33% or higher.

This means that for every presentation you make to homeowners, at least 1 in 3 is struggling to visualize what color, style, or type of product will work best on THEIR home. That is a lot of potential business that might walk away because they don’t have a clear picture of the results.

Survey results on making exterior changes to home.

Survey results on making exterior changes to home.

This is why home visualization software is a tremendous asset for home remodeling contractors. Visualizers allow you to upload a photo of a prospect’s home onto a laptop or other device. Then your product’s can be shown on that home to demonstrate how the completed project will look.

Underlining the importance of this, the consumer research also revealed that homeowners rated the value of software highly. The specific benefit they most appreciated was the ability to see products on their own home.
To summarize:

  1. Some people are verbal thinking dominant, and others are primarily visual thinkers, but we all use both types of thinking.
  2. Therefore it’s a smart sales strategy to appeal to both types of thinking to connect with more prospects (and connect more strongly).
  3. Independent research concluded that homeowners place a significant value on being able to see products on their own home when making decisions. They specifically put a high value on visualizers.

To discover more about home visualization software, you can, schedule a free demo now.

You can also read a companion article about interior projects and visual thinking by clicking here.

Would you like to see the entire consumer remodeling study? Email us for a copy.