Webinar Shows How To Best Use Technology to Drive Sales

Home remodeling companies that are adopting the latest technology to help them sell are seeing increased sales, more referrals, and delivering the kind of experience today’s homeowners want.

Mike Damora, General Manager at K & B Home Remodelers, LLC and founder of OneClickContractor, showed in detail how contractors can revolutionize their processes during a free webinar hosted by Renoworks Pro. (For a free replay of the webinar, click here).

Damora isn’t speaking in the abstract. He knows exactly what he’s talking about because he has fully implemented technology and has seen incredible results.

There’s more below on the results, but first here is a brief outline of how remote selling works.

Remote Selling & Home Visualization Software

Remote selling is making a sales presentation online. You can even close right there online! If you’re skeptical that this could work for you, Damora was to at first, too. But he has seen this process work over and over and how much homeowner’s love it.

Here is how it all comes together

Remote selling is making a sales presentation online. You can even close right there online! If you’re skeptical that this could work for you, Damora was to at first, too. But he has seen this process work over and over and how much homeowner’s love it.

Here is how it all comes together.

When Damora’s team gets a lead, they first go to the home to gather some basic information about what the homeowner wants and take some pictures of the home. Then the homeowner is told, “I’m going to go back and work up a design and proposal for you. I can come back to your home, or we can do the presentation remotely right over your computer screen. Which would work better for you?”

Damora says that overwhelmingly homeowners choose the remote presentation.

Damora’s next step is to “over-design” the project. By this, Damora means to always put extra effort into the design phase. To make this work, you simply need good home visualization software and some time.

The little extra time to make the design fantastic almost always pays off with getting the sale, Damora says. Hardly anyone else in the home remodeling space is going to the trouble and homeowners really appreciate being able to see what they are getting.

The next step is to present the design and proposal by sharing his screen with the homeowners. Remote selling has the great advantage of being able to be where your customers are. If one spouse is traveling, and one is at home, you can present to both at once.

The software that Damora uses allows him to show prices and choices right on the spot during the presentation. Price resistance goes away because the customer is the decisions on what to pick and pay for.

With remote selling, you can create an estimate in real time and even get an electronic signature online to seal the deal.

What You Need To Do This

At first, getting set-up to sell remotely sounds daunting. But with easily available technology, it’s really not hard.

Here are the basics:

  • Measurement – You need a way to gather measurements. You can do this on the first visit to the home, or even get it from information available online.
  • Screen Share – Software that allows you to share your screen to make the presentation.
  • Estimating – The ability to build an estimate directly online.
  • Digital Signature – A way to capture a “digital signature” to clinch the sale.
  • Photo Capture – A method for gathering photos of the customer’s home to complete the design. Again, this can be done on an initial visit to the home or from an online source.
  • Home Visualization Software – A first-rate visualizer is necessary to provide an awesome design and to impress your prospects during the remote presentation. It also allows the customer to change products and compare each option you are giving them.

If you watch the webinar replay, Damora provides answers to how to get these services in a simplified way.

He also shared his journey to remote selling and how big a difference remote selling and home visualization software has made. His average size job price is more than double the national average and closing and referrals are so much easier.

He said he’s even getting referrals BEFORE they start any work. The people love the sales process so much, they are telling people how great it is before anyone picks up a hammer.

It also makes the contractor’s life easier. Damora and his team run around a lot less, prospects love the process so much they are easier to close, and both spouses can be easily brought together to see the presentation.

A Fascinating Webinar

Remote selling is what people want more and more. Damora shows how contractors can create their own ‘internet sales’ department and compared it to auto-dealerships. Almost every dealership now has an internet sales department to keep up with competitors and to meet their customer’s demands. The home remodeling industry is evolving in the exact same direction.

This is a fascinating webinar packed with information that every contractor should consider.

Would you like to see a replay of this webinar? Click here.

If you are interested discovering more about how you can use a visualizer to increase sales, go here to request a free demo.