Webinar Shows How Home Remodelers Can Drive Sales With A Visualizer

Contractors can use home visualization software to significantly increase sales, get more referrals, and improve many of their other key metrics.

That was the message from Paul Trautman during a free webinar hosted by Renoworks Pro. (For a free replay of the webinar, click here).

Trautman knows first-hand what he is talking about. As owner of Timberland Exteriors in Minnesota, he implemented home visualization software several years ago and has since seen sales and other key metrics increase significantly.

(By the way, if you aren’t familiar with home visualization software, it’s a tool that allows home remodeling contractors to upload a photo of a prospect’s home onto a laptop or other device. Then the company’s products can be shown on the home to demonstrate how the completed project will look).

Here are some of the metrics Trautman has seen improve with a visualizer:

  • Sales: +30%
  • Close rates: +10%
  • Average Sale Price: +30% to +50% depending on project (and sometimes higher).

Trautman also said a visualizer has changed the dynamic of the sales pitch and made it more enjoyable for him and more fun for his prospects. He also has seen an impact in customer satisfaction and increased referrals.

Trautman did more than just talk about improved metrics. He told ‘real-world’ stories of how visualization software has helped his customers, and he also gave tons of actionable advice and best practices for using a visualizer.

It’s highly recommended you watch the entire webinar replay to understand how Trautman has integrated visualization into his sales process, but here a few highlights:

How A Very Minor Roof Repair Turned Into A $20,000 Job and a Referral Machine: Timberland Exteriors got a call requesting a minor roof repair. Timberland does not do roof repairs, but after talking with the homeowner, Trautman discovered that she was looking to sell the house soon.

He saw her current roof and it gave him an idea. He thought green shingles on this particular house would makes its curb appeal spectacular. He used the visualizer to show the homeowner her house with green shingles. She couldn’t believe how good it looked and saw the potential benefits for selling the home with the roof. That turned into a $20,000 project.

Trautman attributed this sale to the visualizer, noting that people are very reluctant to go with a non-standard color on their roof for fear of how it will look. He also added that this customer ended up becoming a referral machine for Timberlake Exteriors because of how excited she was with the process and results.

How A Customer Was Sure She Wanted a Red Door, But Changed Her Mind In About 5 Seconds: Trautman also told a few stories about how customers came to him sure they wanted a certain color siding or a certain color door. One woman in particular was confident she wanted a red door on her home.

It took Trautman only about 5 or 10 minutes to upload a photo of her home and then add a red door to show her how it would look. She instantly knew, “No, I don’t want a red door!” Then by working together with the visualizer, they found her the perfect door.

It’s saving customers from mistakes like this that creates tremendous customer satisfaction. It creates the connection that means your company will be the one they automatically call for their next project and turns them into “referral ambassadors” for your company.

How Visualizers Change The Dynamic of a Sales Presentation: A key aspect of visualizers is how it changes the relationship between you and your prospects, Trautman said. Instead of talking at the homeowners, you become the wise guide by their side talking with them and showing them their options.

The homeowner engagement goes way up and they feel more empowered to make decisions.

Who Should Watch The Webinar Replay?

Home remodeling companies who want to understand how a visualizer can drive sales and other key metrics should watch a replay of the webinar. It will give you a clear idea of how to use it as a powerful tool to increase business.

The other audience for this webinar would be any company that has added visualization software but doesn’t feel like they’ve been using the tool to its full potential.

Would you like to see a replay of this webinar? Click here.

If you are interested discovering more about how you can use a visualizer to increase sales, go here to request a free demo.