Window Design Software Can Be ‘The Clincher’ To Upsell Windows

As every window company knows, homeowners often resist investing into higher-quality windows. Many prospects fail to see that the long-term benefits outweigh the short-term costs.

What is it that stops prospects from saying ‘yes’ to a better windows?

It’s confusion and being overwhelmed.

If there are too many choices and not enough clarity, homeowners will typically choose the lowest priced option because they haven’t been given a good enough reason to spend more.

The solution to this problem is crystal-clear messaging combined with great visual elements. Get this right and you’ll overcome price resistance.

But how can you do that?

First, take time to refine your messaging. You need absolute clarity.

Here’s a practical method to do that:

For each type of window you sell, brainstorm a list of benefits. Once you have a list, narrow it down to the top 3 benefits.

Make the benefits clear and specific. If needed write them out. Keep your list to a maximum of 3 benefits.

Look at each benefit as it is written. Is it in industry jargon or is it in the language of your potential customers? Your prospect doesn’t care about Super-Duper Exclusive, Trademarked Triple-Pane Glass. They care about benefits like their energy bill is going down, their home will be more comfortable, they will increase curb appeal, etc.

So take extra care to translate those top 3 benefits into the language of your customer.

Next, find 2 to 3 points of evidence to support that are believable and to the point. Think short and memorable.

When it’s time to talk with homeowners, try out this new, more focused messaging. Always keep the spotlight on the top benefits. When you do this, you’re making it easier for homeowners. You’ve removed all the noise and fluff and are giving them clear, precise reasons to invest more.

Then you can take one more step that’s ‘the clincher’ to upsell the homeowner: Show them what their home will look like with your premium windows on it.

This is remarkably easy to do with window design software for contractors. You upload a photo of your prospect’s home. Then with one simple click, you can show them a beautiful visual of your window products on their home. You can even let them experiment with configuring all aspects of the window including, colors, grill patterns, and much more.

When you use window design software, you have subtly but powerfully shift the conversation. You’ve already talked about the benefits in a clear and concise way. Now you are re-orienting them by putting them in the driver’s seat to choose a window that they will love. You’ve engaged them in the decision making and as a result, they’re more excited about their project.

All this adds up to a powerful way to put them in a decisive frame of mind. When they see the best on their home, they usually choose the best, too.

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