Exterior companies that use home visualization software have discovered it’s a tremendous sales tool for closing more business and seeing the average price of projects go up – often way up.

We know from our own clients that it has a significant impact on the bottom line for companies that install siding, window, doors, roofing and even for painting companies but we wanted to dig deeper and find out specifically why. We also wanted to discover best practices for using home visualizers.

We commissioned an independent research firm to explore these questions and their study revealed a treasure trove of data that can help any exterior company use a home visualizer to generate more sales and at higher price points.

The study was conducted by TeamThink, Inc. and all findings and conclusions are completely independent and based solely on homeowner responses.

One clear conclusion: homeowners place a significant value on home visualization software.

We wrote about this recently in our post: What Prospects Really Think About Home Visualization Software.

The research also revealed the best ways to use this tool.

1. Homeowners Expressed A Strong Desire To Use A Visualizer Themselves.

Here’s an interesting and very useful statistic: Three-quarters of homeowners said they would prefer to use the visualization software themselves.

This points to 2 key actions a home exterior company can take. Ensure the home visualization software is available on your website for your visitors to use.

More importantly, when you meet with prospects, allow them to take control of the keyboard and mouse to complete designs themselves collaboratively with you.

2. When Contractors Present Designs, A Computer Screen Is Most Preferred.

When you meet with prospects, the homeowners say you should bring a laptop. This option received twice as many responses as the ‘preferred display device’ compared to tablets or mobile phones. This makes sense. A larger screen means they’re interacting with a larger image which has more impact.

3. Finding Product And Color Choices That Suit A Homeowner Is The Factor That Most Influences Their Selection; And Is Twice As Important As The Recommendation By A Pro.

Many contractors assume that as professionals, their recommendations will be the most influential factor for a homeowner to decide on products and colors.

But the research shows that homeowners prefer to find the right product and color based on their own tastes. This ties in with point #1 above. Make sure you use a visualizer as a prominent part of your presentation and let the homeowners take the lead in “trying out” products and colors for their home.

4.  Even After Professionals Present A Design To Homeowners, 74% Still Want To Work With The Pro To Finalize The Design

This is an important counterpoint to letting the homeowner be in control: they want to take the lead, but that doesn’t mean they want to be left on their own.

Based on this response, they clearly still want guidance from a pro to be confident with their choices and to finalize the design of their project. Let the prospect sit in the driver’s seat, but serve as their navigator offering professional advice.


Are you interested in adding value for your prospects and closing more sales? Schedule a demo of home visualization software. It’s easy. It’s free. There’s no obligation. And you’ll get the facts you need to make an informed decision.

Would you like to see the entire consumer remodeling study? Email us for a copy.