The answer is surprisingly simple:

Homeowners Don’t Like Investing In What They Can’t See

It’s an all-too-common frustration for home remodeling contractors.

You spend a lot of time getting quality leads. Your salesperson sits with homeowners, giving them everything they need to make a decision.

And then they never decide, or select a contractor who sold them on a lesser quality project.

Why does this happen?

Of course, sometimes they weren’t the right fit. But often it’s because they can’t imagine how good your products will look on their home.

The solution is interior (or exterior!) remodeling software, a tool that allows home remodeling contractors to upload a photo of a prospect’s home onto a laptop or other device. Then the company’s products can be shown on the home to demonstrate how the completed project will look.

To understand why visualizers work, here’s a comparison. It might seem a little strange at first, but it can help you see how your prospect feels:

When you try and sell a home exterior project to a homeowner without home remodeling software, it’s like walking into a place that sells TVs… but every TV is turned off.

The TV salesperson might be the friendliest in the world. You could be given thick user manuals describing the function of every TV. The praises of every advanced feature could be sung… but there’s no way you’re buying a TV.

Obviously, that would be an outrageous way to sell TVs.

But when you try to sell a siding, windows, roofing, or painting project to a prospect is it really all that different?

You show the homeowner some samples. You talk and give them what they need to make an informed decision. You might even show them pictures of your past successful projects or glossy pictures from the manufacturer’s website.

But you never show them how the finished project will look on THEIR home. (You keep the TVs off).

So many of them don’t buy because they just can’t see what their investment gets them.

This is where exterior home remodeling software creates an edge.

Interior and Exterior Remodeling Companies that use a visualizer see close rates improve significantly.

But it’s not just improving closing rates. Upsells become easier, too. Prospects can now see how your best siding or replacement windows increase the curb appeal of their home. The idea of “investing more to get more” becomes more tangible.

It’s the same as someone willing to spend an extra $1,000 for a TV. They can look at both and say, “Yes, that costs more, but look how much better the picture is.”

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