If you install flooring for residential homeowners, how are you any different from other companies offering the same service?

That’s a crucial question to answer if you want to compete on something other than having the lowest price. Trying to get ahead in the flooring market using a ‘race-to-the-bottom’ pricing strategy is no fun; in fact, it’s a recipe for stress and failure.

One method for separating yourself from the rest of the market is to position your company as the design solution experts. Many homeowners feel anxious about making a flooring decision and fear that they will not love their choice once it’s installed. Then they have to live with seeing (and walking on!) that mistake every day.

That’s why top flooring companies that want to be truly different from their competitors are adding a floor visualizer.

A flooring visualizer works like this: simply take a photo of the project area and upload it to the visualizer. Then you can add your flooring products into the photo, showing prospects how their floor will look when the project is complete.

(If you’re wondering how you can load your products in the photo, good home visualization software comes with many manufacturer’s products already included and ready to use. If the specific products you sell aren’t included, there’s also an option to use more generic choices).

Adding a flooring visualizer to your design services is a game-changer for your sales process.

Instead of trying to get the prospect engaged using a few flooring samples or showing them photos from the manufacturer’s website, you provide a completely customized design experience. You’re instantly different from being lumped in as “just another contractor trying to sell them flooring.” You become the company willing to take the time to walk them through different choices using a customized design tool.

As they get excited about the process and are impressed by your professionalism, price objections and barriers will weigh less in their final decision.

Common Questions About Using A Flooring Visualizer

If you are a company considering adding a flooring visualizer, here are answers to 2 frequent questions:

  1. Are visualizers hard to learn how to use?

No. You can easily learn the few steps necessary to create flooring designs for your customers. Once you learn it, you can create visuals in about 5 to 10 minutes. One way to learn more about this is to schedule a free demo.

  1. Can I have this as a tool available to prospects on my website?

Yes. This can be a great resource to add to your website. Homeowners who prefer to do a little exploring on their own first will love it. Of course, the #1 best use for your flooring visualizer will still be during the sales process, but having it on your website is a nice added value.

If you want to move away from competing on price and find the best way to differentiate your company, a flooring visualizer is a superb tool for closing more sales with less price resistance.

To Learn More About Increasing Your Sales, Schedule Your Free Demo Of A Flooring Visualizer.