Contractors Are Using Door Design Software To Increase Sales

If you’re a home improvement contractor selling exterior doors, anything that helps you close sales faster and easier will give you an advantage over your competitors.

Because door sales obviously don’t impact your bottom line the same way that a siding, window, or roofing project will, it’s crucial that you don’t spend any more time than necessary selling an exterior door job.

Door design software is the simple but powerful solution for closing more sales and converting them faster. It can also help you sell better quality doors that have higher price points.

If you’re not familiar with door design software (also called a door visualizer or door visualization software), it allows you to upload a photo of your prospect’s home and then show them exactly how different door choices will look on their home.

Advantages When Using A Door Design Visualizer

There are several advantages to using door design software with your prospects:

  • It’s Easier For Prospects To Say ‘Yes’ When They Can See The New Door On THEIR Home. The biggest advantage is also the most obvious. Anytime you can show a homeowner very concretely how a new door will increase the curb appeal of their home, it makes it much easier for them to make a decision.
  • You Can Sell Them A More Beautiful, Higher-Quality Door. Convincing someone that paying more for a better-looking door is hard when they can’t compare the doors visually. When a prospect can actually see the difference that higher-quality door makes, upselling becomes easier.
  • Homeowners Like It When Someone Enhances Their Shopping Experience. Any business that delivers a premium service experience is going to earn more repeat business and referrals than an ordinary company. This principle definitely applies to home improvement contractors. Home visualization software creates an enhanced shopping experience and separates you from typical contractors. You’re also more likely to be the company they turn to for bigger projects like siding or windows.
  • It Makes It Easier To Add On A Door Sale To Another Exterior Job. If you’re making a sales presentation for window replacement, door design software makes it easy to show prospects what a new door would look like alongside their new windows. This can be a nice add-on sale that is made easier with a visualizer.

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