You can print or save your designs as one of two styles:

  1. Presentation Style (Before & After) in PDF
    1. Go to your Renoworks Pro Visualizer
    2. Click on “Projects” on your home screen
    3. Click on the project you would like to print to PDF
    4. Go to the “Save & Review” tab
    5. Click on “Print” and then “Print Page” on the top left corner of the pop up window
    6. This will generate another popup. Find the ‘Destination’ of this printer and make sure it says PDF and not the name of a printer
    7. This command will prompt you to save the presentation on your computer.
    8. Select the location you would like to save it under and save
  1. Image Only Style in .JPEG
    1. Go to the “Save & Review” tab
    2. Click on “Print” and a pop-up will appear in a presentation format where there will be Before & After presentation style layout of your project.
    3. Right click on the image you want to save
    4. Click on “save image as”. This will enable you to select a location on your computer to save this design. It will be saved as a .JPG file.


You may then email this image to your client or team member, add it to a custom presentation or use it to create content for your website, social media channels or newsletters.