The Snapshot tool helps you:

  1. Provide customers with choice of products and how they look
  2. Provide customers with options where the masking will require minor changes like in this example (Link to example above)
  3. Compare products when your customers are confused or not able to make up their mind. Here is how you can save, view and print snapshots (Link to  Save, View and Print Snapshots)

Here is an example of a house to understand how to use the Snapshot tool better. Say you have to provide a customer with 2 options on an existing siding you will be replacing.

Option 1: Siding only

Option 2 : Siding with masonry kneeboard

To achieve option 1:

  • Go to “draw” tab and mask the siding
  • Set perspective
  • Now go to “Visualize” and click on the little camera button and take a “Snapshot”

Option 2:

  • You can now go back to the “Draw” tab and add an additional layer where you want the masonry kneeboard
  • Now go back to “Visualize” tab, add the masonry option you likeand take a second “Snapshot”

You can now switch between the snapshots and play around with different options for each.

Don’t forget to save the project under “Save & Review”. Each saved project can have upto to 10 snapshots. This tool enables you to provide options or make versatile presentations to your customers. If you add the 11th snapshot when only 10 can be saves, it will over write snapshot no.1. You may save as many designs of each snapshot as you like to your computer.