great ideas for your small business

The key to growing a small business is access to smart, actionable information. Happily, the information you need is online and it’s (usually) free.

But the problem can be sorting through the fire hose of information on the web. One solution is to cultivate a list of small business-oriented blogs and use them as a way to curate the best of what’s out there.

To help you get started, here are our favorites, separated by category:

Small Business General Interest Blogs

Small Business Trends – This website is updated multiple times of day with news and advice directly relevant to small business.

What We Love About This Site: It covers small business from every angle. This is a great website to dip in and find content relevant across many topics.

Google Small Business – Didn’t know Google had a blog specifically for small businesses? It’s Google – of course they do.

What We Love About This Site: Everyone wants to know how to successfully rank on Google and to improve their overall online presence. There’s a lot of perfectly straightforward information on how to do exactly that on this blog. There’s also a healthy selection of other topics.

Small Biz Club – This is a well-designed blog, packed with information on a wide-spectrum of topics crucial to small business owners.

What We Love About This Site: This site does a good job of sorting topics by category. Just scroll down the Homepage and find a topic you want to know more about.

The Blog For Small Business Finances

Evergreen Small Business – There seems to be about a million and one blogs specializing on small business marketing, but surprisingly not many focused on accounting, financing, and other money matters. But this one does.

What We Love About This Site: It’s sensible and straightforward advice on an absolutely crucial topic for small business owners.

Blogs Specifically For Home Renovation Companies

Monopolize Your Marketplace – As stated above, there are a lot of blogs dedicated to small business marketing. But here is one completely focused on marketing for the home remodeling industry.

What We Love About This Site: This blog does not pull punches about advice and is relentlessly practical about how to grow your business.

Contractor Talk – This is a blog of blogs. Truthfully, it can feel a little scattered sometimes – not everything here will be relevant to you. But there are many great nuggets and information targeted specifically for contractors.

What We Love About This Site: Since this is by contractors and for contractors, it is great for starting your own brainstorm on ways to grow your business or improve your processes.

More Online Marketing Advice For Small Business

Moz – A superior blog for online marketing information.

What We Love About This Site: This site has a very clean design that makes navigating it a pleasure. Plus, the articles themselves are of a consistent high-quality.

Social Media Examiner – Here is a place to cut through the fluff and hype of social media and find out the best practices for small businesses.

What We Love About This Site: Many small business owners find using social media for their business to be a confusing topic where they get a lot of contradictory information. This website gives clear, actionable advice.

That’s our top 8 small business blogs for home renovation companies. We hope it helps you cut through the clutter to grow faster.