Using a Visualizer for Shed Makeover


Note: This is one in a series of blog posts that shows a quick example of the quality visuals that can be created using home visualization software. For other ‘Before & After’ pictures in this series, click on another product: Flooring, Siding, Bedrooms (coming soon!), Roofing (coming soon!), & Countertops (coming soon!).


If you sell sheds, home visualization software is an easy way to show homeowners exactly what they will get for their money.

First, start with a photo of the shed.


Shed Makeover - Before Visualizer

This photo can be loaded into the visualizer in preparation for showing shed options.



Shed Makeover - After Visualizer 1

Show your prospects options and you are more likely to convert them into a sale.


Shed Makeover - After Visualizer 2

Notice this 2nd design has a fence added in; this can be a nice way to make an easy upsell.

Once you have the original shed photo in the visualizer, you can continue to show different colors and options until you find exactly what your homeowner wants.

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