There’s a new approach to home remodeling sales that uses technology to close sales directly with online meetings using screen sharing technology. The evolution of this movement toward ‘remote selling’ is starting to grab the attention of the industry.

For example, here is an article in Pro Remodeler magazine that gives a good overview.

And if you need to understand more about the ‘whys’ of this trend, we recommend this blog post: The Future of Home Remodeling Sales.

Let’s say after reading these articles that you’re intrigued by the potential of remote selling and want to understand more about the mechanics of how it works.

A Method For ‘Remote Selling In Home Remodeling’

What follows is a brief overview based on a proven method of ‘remote selling.’ (There are of course variations to this process, but this will give you a solid example of one successful strategy).

Step 1: When you get a lead, schedule a time to go to the prospect’s home. This is not a sales call, but an information gathering mission only. You talk to the homeowner about what they want and you take some measurements.

Step 2: Explain to the customer that you will be working up a design and proposal for them and then give them a choice: “I can come back to your home, or we can do the presentation remotely right over your computer screen. Which would work better for you?” You may be surprised by the number of homeowners who prefer the online presentation.

Step 3: Go back and work up a professional design using quality home visualization software. Also, put together a professional proposal.

Step 4: Assuming the prospective homeowner asked for an online meeting, use screen sharing software to make your presentation. One tremendous advantage to an online meeting is that you can be wherever your customers are. If one spouse is at home and the other is traveling, it’s no problem to present to both at the same time.

Step 5: Show your prospects a proposal and quote that is transparent. If they ask to see different product selections during the online presentation, swap in the new products and have software that allows for the quote to be updated quickly during the meeting.

Step 6: Have the technology in place that allows for an electronic signature so you can close the deal right there online.

For more information on how this process works, watch this Renoworks Pro webinar. You’ll hear about a real-world example of successful remote selling.

A common reaction from home remodeling companies after hearing these steps is this: “That sounds nice, but it also sounds like a whole bunch of technology and a lot to learn.”

The reality is that the technology is easily available and is created to be user friendly. Anyone who can use a mouse and keyboard can master this quickly.

Here are the basics of what you’ll need:

  • Measurement – You need a way to gather measurements. You can do this on the first visit to the home or use measurement services like Eagleview to order the measurements
  • Screen Share – Software that allows you to share your screen to make the presentation.
  • Estimating – The ability to build an estimate quickly during the meeting and make adjustments.
  • E- Signature – A way to capture a “digital signature” to close the sale.
  • Photo Capture – A method for gathering photos of the customer’s home to complete the design. Again, this can be done on an initial visit to the home or from an online source such as Google Streetview.
  • Home Visualization Software – A first-rate visualizer is necessary to provide an awesome design and to impress your prospects during the remote presentation. It also allows the customer to change products and compare each option you are giving them.

If locating all that technology and then figuring out how to use it sounds daunting, here’s a shortcut. Schedule a free demo of Renoworks: Fully Loaded and you’ll be walked through step-by-step of everything you need to implement remote selling.

If you’re unsure about remote selling, a free demo is the no-risk way to discover more.

Additional Information

Here’s a re-cap of the links to get more information:

  1. Go here to read the Pro Remodeler Magazine article that shares insights on this trend.
  2. Read this companion blog post, ‘The Future of Home Remodeling Sales.’
  3. Listen to this webinar hosted by Renoworks Pro that describes the advantages of Remote Selling.
  4. Go here to schedule of free demo of ‘Renoworks Pro: Fully Loaded’ that can demonstrate the tools you need to implement remote selling.

To discover more about remote selling, schedule a free demo by clicking here.