Webinar Shows How To Craft A Truly Powerful Marketing Message

If you’re a home improvement company wondering why your marketing results are disappointing, Rich Harshaw has an answer:  You sound like everyone else in your industry.

Harshaw, founder and CEO of Monopolize Your Marketplace, also explained the solution during a free webinar hosted by Renoworks Pro. (For a free replay of the webinar, click here).

Why is sounding like everyone else a problem?

Because when homeowners can’t understand exactly WHY they should choose you, they’re going to decide on price. Or by who they talked to last. Or first. Or some other arbitrary standard that has very little to do with who delivers the best service and results.

If you want to see an example of the “sameness” of marketing messages in home improvement, visit the websites of 5 to 10 other companies in your industry. They will likely say things like “Best quality. Experienced. Great Service. We care. Great warranties.” It all sounds the same.

Harshaw said that to homeowners, all this marketing sounds very much like the adults talking in a Charlie Brown special: “Wah, waaa, wah, waaa, wah.”

Contractors often object when he tells them this, he said. “They say, ‘but we really are different: the quality of our workmanship and the materials we use are truly better.’”

His answer back is: that’s great, but you’ve got to PROVE it to your prospects. Using the analogy of a court case, Harshaw said you have to provide specific evidence if you want to win your case.

This is why crafting a marketing message using your unique Identity makes all the difference.

This is how Harshaw defined Identity in the webinar: An Identity instantly demonstrates who you are, what you stand for, what customers can expect, and why they should choose you instead of any of your competitors. Once you define what you stand for, then you need to communicate it with Power, Precision, and Passion.

For example, a remodeler’s website might have some nice pictures and say something like “top quality remodeling and “we care about our clients.” Okay, that’s not terrible, but it does sound like a LOT of other remodeler websites, and it really isn’t an Identity.

But what if you said, “Welcome To Stress-Free, Quality-First, ‘Not Done Until YOU Say It’s Done’ Remodeling. We’re Sticklers For Details. We Obsess Over Perfection. So… We’re Not The Fastest. And We’re Not The Cheapest.  But According To Our Clients… We’re Simply THE BEST.”

That is a powerful start on a website. You’ve got the attention of your website visitors. Now use the other pages to reinforce this message with specific evidence of exactly how you do it. For example, you could talk about how you obsession for perfection inspired you to develop your precise 7-step remodeling process. And then spell out the details of the process.

Remember, you’re “proving your case” using your marketing!

So what do you if you’re having trouble figuring out how to say it? You’re not alone, Harshaw says. It can be helpful to have someone use an interview-style technique to bring out the specifics of exactly why you’re better. Go deeper than initial answers. And go deeper than the same platitudes you hear from most companies.

It can take some serious effort to craft a message with power, precision, and passion. But when you capture the magic of a marketing message that resonates, you’ll no longer be spinning your wheels and suddenly your message has an impact. And that leads to fantastic marketing results.

How You Can Learn More About Growth

We recommend watching a replay of the webinar. It has lots of great examples that show why Identity is the foundation of effective marketing.

We also recommend sticking around to the end for the Q&A. You’ll hear about how Identity can be used in TV & Radio Ads, and also about how using a visualizer with your prospects can be integrated as a key point in your Identity.

Would you like to see a replay of this webinar? Click here.

If you are interested discovering more about how you can use a visualizer to increase sales, go here to request a free demo.