How To Help Your Prospects “Think Visually”
About Their Interior Remodeling Project

In our most recent article, we dug into the details of “visual thinking,” visualization software and why it matters for selling home remodeling projects. (If you need to catch up on that post, you can read it here).

That article focused on the benefits of a visualizer for selling home exterior projects. But what about home interior remodeling?

It turns out that helping your clients think visually is even more important for interior projects.

First, a very brief re-cap on the concept of visual thinking: all people think both verbally and visually. This means persuasion works best when you appeal to both ways of thinking. And independent research further demonstrates that the right visuals are a key sales tool for home remodeling contractors.

What does this mean for interior remodeling in particular?

One relevant answer comes from recent research. Homeowners were given a list of interior products and asked which ones would be difficult to select for type, style, or color.

Visualization Software | Making Interior Changes to a Home

Making Interior Changes to a Home

More than 70% said they would struggle with selecting paint for their walls, and nearly 65% said selecting flooring would be difficult.

The percentages for other interior products were less, but still significant. Anywhere from one-third to nearly one-half of respondents said that selecting interior doors, countertops, cabinets, and accessories is challenging.

These facts point to this: homeowners often struggle to clearly see what they want for the interior of their home.

The research also points towards a solution.

When asked to rate the value of a visualizer, homeowners overwhelmingly said it would be an aid to them.

Visualizers, by allowing you to upload a photo of a prospect’s home onto a laptop or other device, can help your prospects think visually. They see how the products you install or apply will look on the interior of their home.

In short, when you help people think visually, they are grateful for the clarity, and this helps them be more decisive about moving forward.

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