Every quality lead is potentially worth thousands in revenue, yet the average home remodeling contractor’s website does nothing to help them generate more sales.

The way to go from boring remodeling website to effective lead generator is ENGAGEMENT.

Give your web visitor something to do. Getting web visitors to take a specific action makes it much more likely they will become bona-fide leads.

Here are 3 examples that quickly convert passive web viewers into action-takers ready to do business:

  • Prominently display a “Schedule A Free Quote” form on every page of your site.
  • Offer a ‘Live Chat’ function
  • Add home visualization software to your website.

Any of these steps can immediately increase engagement, sometimes dramatically. These tools also take little to no maintenance. You add them and then they work automatically, 24/7.

Another advantage is that all 3 are easy to implement and relatively inexpensive.

What about home visualization software?

First, a quick definition if you’re not familiar with visualizers. It’s a tool that allows the prospect to upload a photo of their home. Then your company’s products – siding, windows, roofing, painting, etc. – can be shown on the home to demonstrate how the completed project will look.

This tool is most effective in your salesperson’s hands during an appointment. A homeowner can be walked through the process and guided with skillful suggestions.

But visualizers also make a great ‘self-serve’ add-on to your website. Homeowners love the opportunity to take more control of the process and get a clear and customized picture of how your products will look on their home.

In an independent research study, 75% of homeowners expressed a strong desire to use a visualizer themselves.

The ROI for home visualization software is significant. Home exterior companies that use a visualizer find they close more sales, and that the average price of a project goes up.

Take the next step and learn more about home visualization software. Schedule a free demo now.