Home Visualization Software Is An Amazing Tool For Closing Sales & CRM Software Makes It Easier To Track Leads & Customers.

Here’s a vital question for companies that sell siding, roofing, windows, or painting projects:

Are you taking full advantage of the latest technology to increase your sales?

For many home exterior companies – even those that are successful – the answer is no.

And that means money left on the table. Money that other companies are scooping up for themselves by implementing the latest technology.

Let’s take a look at 2 types of tools that are indispensable for converting home exterior leads into sales.

The first is home visualization software.

Visualization software allows you to close a lot more jobs—and at much higher price points.

Effective visualization software should allow you to do the following quickly:

  1. Allow you to take a photo of the home of your prospects and upload it into the software. Then you can apply products you sell to their home. (Ideally your visualization software will allow you to load product pictures directly from manufacturer catalogs and apply it directly to a photo of any home).
  2. Create a stunning presentation for homeowners to “see before they buy.” Visualization software will also allow homeowners to review different materials and options in real time, so they get exactly what they want.

Utilizing visualization software will get prospects excited about their project and in a favorable frame of mind to say ‘YES!’ It also makes upselling MUCH easier because you can demonstrate to a home owners what higher end products will look like on their homes.

Using “pictures” or “imagery” to sell jobs makes a decisive difference when sitting with a homeowner. And visualization software like Renoworks Pro makes it easy to create imagery. For example, contractors who use Renoworks Pro Visualizer software are seeing close rates jump by as much as 60% and finding that their average job size can double.

If you want to explore this option before you make any commitment, schedule a demo.  It’s free and makes it easy to decide if it’s the right solution for your company.

Another indispensable technological tool for exterior contractors and painting companies is software that tracks leads, follow-ups, and sales.

Many times a contractor grows to millions in sales, but their sales tracking has not kept pace. They are using scratch paper or a cobbled together spreadsheets to track leads and follow-ups, and it is costing them money every day.

If you fall into that category, there are a number of good solutions easily available, and they generally fall under the heading of ‘Customer Relationship Management’ software – known as CRM for short.

There are many options available for CRM software. You can check out this list on Capterra. Here are three important considerations when looking for CRM software:

  • Can the CRM handle tracking all the contacts or interactions (aka touchpoints) you have – or should have – with customers and prospects? The best way to determine this is to map out all the major touchpoints of your sales method (pre and post-sale) and determine whether the CRM is capable of tracking these processes in a straightforward way.
  • Is it user friendly? If it’s too complicated it never gets integrated as a useful tool. They all take some time to learn but some are harder to use than others
  • Decide if you need CRM software just to manage your sales activities or if you want it to also handle project management and financial tracking

Now it’s your turn to get these tools working for you and grow your sales by leveraging the right technology. Get a demo scheduled for home visualization software if you want to learn more. And if you’re interested in CRM software, we recommend you talk to our partner MarketSharp.

Would you like to demo a very affordable, top-reviewed home visualization software? Schedule it now.