Home Visualization Software & Other Techniques To Get More Sales

Exterior companies can close more sales using 3 practical and proven tactics that are simple to implement.

These techniques are universally applicable and can help boost sales even for well-established exterior companies with annual sales of $1 million or more. They’ll also work for new companies that are serious about sales growth.

The 3 tactics are:

  1. Integrate more high-quality visuals when presenting homeowners with their options.
  2. Use the power of home visualization software to help your prospects see before they buy.
  3. Highlight previous success stories.

Let’s dig into the details of each of these techniques.

#1 Quality visuals send the right signals to homeowners and help them decide to do business with you.

Homeowners are constantly busy and bombarded with marketing messages all the time. With less time and more choices, quality visuals are a crucial and powerful aid to sales.

Quality visuals include things like:

  • Professional quality photos of past jobs (a small investment in having a professional photographer take these photos is very much worth the cost).
  • Vendor-provided graphics and photos integrated smartly into your own presentation.
  • Simple charts and graphics that highlight the value you provide with clarity and power.
  • High-quality visualization software (more on this below).

And it’s not just the visuals themselves that will help you sell more. It’s also about the signals you are sending to prospects.

Higher-quality visuals make homeowners trust your professionalism more and create an expectation that your price will be higher, but also that the results will be worth it.

#2 Home Visualization Software

One of the biggest barriers to getting a homeowner to say “yes” to a home exterior project is they feel unsure about what their house will look like with new siding, paint, windows, or roofing.

When they can’t see it, they are less likely to feel confident investing in home improvement.

This is where home visualization software can make a huge difference in closing sales.

This technology allows you to upload a photo of your prospect’s home and then show them in a realistic way what their home will look like when the project is complete.

This does 3 crucial things.

First, it separates your professionalism from other contractors they may meet with. It’s a signal that your company is of a higher-quality and therefore lessens price resistance.

Two, it encourages engagement. Instead of a one-sided presentation with the salesperson talking too much, you get the homeowner talking by providing instant feedback on what they see.

Finally, it makes it clear what they are saying ‘yes’ to. Anything that gives homeowners more visual clarity greatly increases their motivation to hire you.

If you think of home visualization software as either too expensive or too cumbersome, that’s changed. For as little as $100/month you can create professional designs that help win work. These designs take between 20 – 40 minutes depending on the complexity of the job.

For proof of the effectiveness of this type of software, you can schedule a demo. It’s free and makes it easy to decide if it’s the right solution for your company.

#3 Highlight previous success stories.

When it comes to providing proof of past success, most exterior companies offer references. That’s good, but not nearly enough.

For more proof that your company delivers top results, integrate reviews and pictures of past projects into your sales presentation.

If you use a PowerPoint or similar presentation style, add a few slides near the end with your best testimonials. Have a professional-quality picture of the finished job and if possible the homeowners pictured smiling in front of it.

Having about 3 of these kind of slides is the right number for a sales presentation. That’s not so few that it looks skimpy, but not so many that it gets boring or seems like you’re over-hyping.

These 3 tactics are relatively easy to implement and can make a real difference in the number of sales you close.

Would you like to demo a very affordable, top-reviewed home visualization software? Schedule it now.